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Everyone can benefit from PINELLI Retina Project ® Plus: the young and the not so young, those who suffer from visual fatigue caused by the retina and those who instead enjoy excellent eyesight, including those who play sports. The ideal candidates are those who have a vision impairment and those who want to strengthen the retinal tissue through photobiomodulation (PBM).

PINELLI Macula Project TM is suitable for those who wish to reinforce their macular microcirculation. This nutraceutical does not replace any ongoing pharmacological treatments for macular disease.

PINELLI Immuno Project TM has been developed for those who want to strengthen their immune system. The nutraceutical is not intended to be an alternative to ongoing pharmacological therapies for any other condition, and these should therefore not be interrupted.

Please note that the sale of Pinelli Project ® products is not intended for the Swiss market.