The name, deriving from Sumerian and Babylonian, is written in various ways: “a-nuna”, or “a-nun-na”, meaning “progeny of the Prince”; later translated into Akkadian as anunna, it indicates the totality of celestial deities in the polytheistic Mesopotamian religions.

We have allowed a certain degree of grammatical license to convey a meaning purely related to the synergy of the two words that form a dvandva, a linguistic compound, in other words, a copulative union of two nouns of the same importance. The intention is to emphasise the union between An or Anu, and Ki, whose meanings are well-known; however, not in a religious sense, but rather we want to emphasise the force of nature expressed by the fusion of heaven and earth, with the powerful meaning for us of the luminous energy harboured within the nutraceutical.

therefore, it is not Anunnaki, the celestial divinities descended to earth, but Anunaki, the energetic expression of the fusion of Heaven and Earth that bestows nourishment and life.


Awakening man’s ancestral well-being through the energy of the light that flows from Heaven into the fruits of the Earth: the ancient Sumerian priests who lived at the dawn of human civilization safeguarded the secret that was able to bring about this miracle.

An initiatory secret handed down in the Ziggurats of Uruk, the city of light, and linked to the far-off time when from the great Primordial Sea arose the god Anu, the Sky, and the goddess Ki, the Earth, who in turn begat the other gods, called Anu-na-Ki, “children of Anu and Ki”.

Then the cosmic storms separated Heaven from Earth and thus created the world of man, situated on the border between the two realms, the heavenly and the earthly. Since that time, a powerful miracle has taken place every day when, through the fruitful rays of the sun, Anu reunites with Ki, rendering her fertile and impregnating her with life-giving fruits.

The priests and men of ancient Mesopotamia would eat of these products of the Earth, in the knowledge that they were assimilating through them the beneficial and healing powers of sunlight, transmuted into food by the harmonious union of Anu and Ki.

The Sumerians were very familiar with the secrets of these gifts of the Earth and knew how to draw from them their natural nourishing properties, distilling from the herbs all the energy that light had richly bestowed upon them. They thus obtained effective medicines aimed at the well-being and rebalancing of the human organism.

Today, this knowledge that had been lost in the mists of time has returned to light: the dusty tablets engraved with cuneiform symbols by the priests of antiquity have revealed to us the enlightened knowledge of that atavistic civilization. A knowledge able to improve man, endowing him with all the healthy properties of the nutritive principles of the Earth beamed from Heaven.

The very same principles by which light is able to reactivate in men their latent energy, making them indeed, “children of Heaven and Earth”. That they may truly become Anu-na-ki.