Many millennia ago, at the beginning of time, our ancestors lived in a pure world, designed and sculpted by light.

A world where energy flowed freely and expressed itself forcefully between Heaven and Earth…

…and in which shoots sprouted forth from the convergence of natural primal forces.

In the quest to understand these forces, our ancestors began to travel across boundless horizons….

…in search of the hidden connection that binds light to nature and allows the generation and reproduction of life.

When they discovered it, they ceased their pilgrimage and erected stone bridges between Earth and Heaven,…

…creating a virtuous and enlightened civilization with absolute respect for the laws of nature.

A civilization that was capable of thriving and flourishing thanks to a balanced and harmonious lifestyle…

…and thanks to the knowledge of the secrets enclosed by the light in the most genuine gifts of the Earth.

The ancient priests knew how to extract from the herbs and plants the most beneficial substances for the health and equilibrium of the body.

They decided to encapsulate that knowledge in their writings, immortalizing its memory for the benefit of their successors.

Thanks to that gnostic knowledge of long ago, generations of enlightened people have been able to extract from the fruits of the Earth the most natural and effective nutrients…

…charting the correct course through the centuries toward health and prosperity.

Traveling across land and sea, millennium after millennium, the ancient insights and wisdom spread throughout the world…

…until reaching Venice, the Gateway to the East, the entry point to Western civilization.

Here, in the city’s narrow streets, or calli as they are known, Sumerian herbal knowledge was gathered and investigated by botanists of genius…

…who in their palazzos alchemically combined it, thus restoring to life the beneficial effects of that ancestral knowledge in order to bestow it upon the world…

…and laying the foundations of a tradition destined to accompany man on his journey towards holistic harmony.

Year after year, the Italian descendants of those early scholars have harvested their legacy of ingenuity…

…becoming the custodians and standard bearers of their discoveries and expertise, right up to the present day.

From Venice, a crossroads of routes and cultures, their wisdom has sailed to every corner of the globe to be shared with peoples and nations…

…just like the beneficial rays of light that, day after day, give life to the Earth and the fruits it bears…

 …thus heralding a new, true and abiding dawn of man.


Musician, physician, ophthalmologist. He founded and directs the Switzerland Eye Research Institute in Lugano. The fruits and goals of his research are ParaCel®, a molecule which when combined with UV-A, blocks keratoconus; Femtolasik Lux®, a technique to eliminate presbyopia and all visual impairments in the cornea; and PhotoBioModulation, a treatment to halt the progression of age-related macular degeneration.

His entire activity as a researcher centres on the use of light, the photons that convey vibrational energy through the “eye portal” to the different areas of the human body. The nutraceuticals presented here are the result of years of painstakingly studying natural preparations (phytochemistry) which, alone or combined with light, maintain the health of the eye and the entire organism.

He is the author of numerous peer-reviewed scientific publications, most recently in the field of neuroscience.

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